Technology Transfer for Beginners

If you're taking this year's "Technology Transfer for Beginners" class - or just thinking about it - this is the place for you! This class will help you understand what T2 really means, its purpose and what it can accomplish, what it takes to put it into place, and the major mechanisms for accomplishing it.

Our panel of trainers has a great day planned, full of case studies, exercises, and a whole lot of discussion. Chat here about what you might like to see in the class, ask questions, or connect with classmates and trainers.


  • At the very minimum do take the "Introduction to Technology Transfer" course available online.  It will give you a good overall appreciation of where you are going in the future.  I see I'll be presenting after lunch so it will be a challenge to both of us as the food settles in.   Looking forward to the discussions . . .always good to hear different perspectives.
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